Moving Image: Mist netting in Henri Pittier National Park

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Identifier: cf94042510_0087
Type: Moving Images
Format: Duration (01:01:58)
Languages: English
Date: October 27 2002,-
Description: Early morning mist netting of migrating birds in Henri Pittier National Park with a group of Audubon volunteers from Valencia. Tasks included identifying, weighing, temperature taking, releasing. We were hosted by Tierra Viva, and Ernesto Fernandez Badillo. (corresponds to Javier journal entry)A workshop, performance and discussion follows. A score description is given to the dancers, introduction from the Jordana from Tierra Vive. Then the workshop and performance. The score included solos, into choreography, into solo locations developing into strong duet locations, leave the space through the audience. Then there is more workshop with partners afterwards with spatial and sound exercises. Enrique gives a post performance discussion.

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Robin Vachal (videographer)
Jennifer Monson (contributor)
Javier Cardona (contributor)
Alejandra Martorell (contributor)
Morgan Thorson (contributor)
Barbara Bryan (contributor)

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