Moving Image: Performing for Mr. Johnson

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Identifier: cf94042510_0079
Type: Moving Images
Format: Duration (00:07:44)
Languages: -NONE-
Date: October 7 2002,-
Description: Performance for Mr. Johnson, an elder on Sapelo Island. He sat on his balcony and we danced in the space in front of his house. During our visit with him he described working on J.R. Reynolds' yacht. Javier was particularly interested in his descriptions of the race relations in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He had amazing and funny stories to tell. Additional footage includes an approaching rain storm and scenes from the camp site. Our performance was canceled due to rain.

Related entities

Robin Vachal (videographer)
Barbara Bryan (contributor)
Jennifer Monson (choreographer)
Javier Cardona (dancer)
Alejandra Martorell (dancer)
Morgan Thorson (dancer)
Mr. Johnson (contributor)

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