Moving Image: Day of dancing on the beach - Long quartet improvisation

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Identifier: cf94042510_0072
Type: Moving Images
Format: Duration (00:19:22)
Languages: -NONE-
Date: September 28 2002,-
Description: This is a long, mostly unedited improvisational score danced by the four of us from North to South along the beach in NC after a long warm up and Authentic Movement. We stay relatively close to each other as we move down the beach together. I think the score has to do with creating a "location" amongst the four of us. There is a strong sense of autonomy and synchronicity.

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Robin Vachal (choreographer)
Jennifer Monson (dancer)
Javier Cardona (dancer)
Alejandra Martorell (dancer)
Morgan Thorson (dancer)

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North Carolina (-)

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