Moving Image: Public engagement with a small rural school and local road workers in Pinar del Rio, Cuba

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Identifier: cf94042510_0052
Type: Moving Images
Format: Duration (00:38:50)
Languages: Spanish
Date: October 17 - October 18 2002,-
Description: Alejandra leads the BIRD BRAIN workshop to small group of young students and some men fixing the road near by in a small village near Pinar del Ri  in Cuba. The workshop was followed by a performance.This area had just experienced a bad hurricane and we were sent to provide cultural relief. The students recited poetry and sang songs for us. The road workers were some of our most articulate audience members. There is a good discussion of the experience of the dancing.

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Robin Vachal (videographer)
Mario Gonzalez (contributor)
Rogelio Diaz-Fernandez (contributor)
Pedro Morales (contributor)
Alina Gonzalez (contributor)
Jennifer Monson (contributor)
Alejandra Martorell (contributor)
Javier Cardona (contributor)
Morgan Thorson (contributor)
Barbara Bryan (contributor)

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