Moving Image: Duet at the end of a day

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Identifier: cf94042510_0023
Type: Moving Images
Format: Duration (00:05:33)
Languages: -NONE-
Date: September 27 2002,-
Description: Dancing a mapping score at Ocracoke Island - a duet with Javier and Jennifer. This is a duet that ended a long day of dancing. I’m fairly sure the score was open and that we were just finding the energy in the moment. This duet occurred at the end of a long day of dancing. We started with a warm up, Authentic Movement and then a series of scores that accumulated over time. The series began with a solo that was used as a "map" for the next solo, that then used that solo as a map and so on. These "maps" were then combined in two duet scores and then finally into a quartet score that ended in the duet in this clip.

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Robin Vachal (videographer)
Jennifer Monson (choreographer)
Javier Cardona (choreographer)

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