Moving Image: Navigating with balance, narrow spaces and pines

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Identifier: cf94042510_0003
Type: Moving Images
Format: Duration (00:12:45)
Languages: English
Date: August 27 2002,-
Library of Congress Subject Headings: Osprey [info:lc/authorities/subjects/sh85095938]
Georeference: [42.079568,-70.217664]
Description: Performance excerpts. Jennifer invites the audience into an ambient approach to viewing the performance. Javier begins and the piece develops with a series of solos amongst the benches in the amphitheater. Alejandra joins, then Morgan, then Jennifer. The performance ends on the stage of the amphitheater and Sue Haley wraps up mentioning the importance of the connections between art, community, culture and the National Seashore. Jennifer encourages the audience to follow the project at www.birdbraindance.org.

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Robin Vachal (videographer)
Jennifer Monson (choreographer)
Javier Cardona (dancer)
Alejandra Martorell (dancer)
Morgan Thorson (dancer)
Sue Haley (speaker)

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